Saturday Morning for Basic Income

On Saturday morning we took a trip over to the building of my opponent, incumbent Jerry Nadler, to take part in the Income Movement‘s push for basic income. Needless to say Jerry was not there. We spoke to a few people who liked Jerry, but also were interested in hearing about basic income.

As foot traffic was slow, we moved to Broadway and had some interesting conversations there. One with an ardent Jerry supporter, maybe even a staffer. What about basic income, or the Jones Act, or housing and safer streets? No we need to get rid of Trump! Well yes, but has Jerry done that?

I also talked to a Republican (a rarity on the Upper West Side) who didn’t basic income because she thinks income should be earned. I agree income should generally be earned. But many of the people earning their income in March are now are unable to do so through no fault of their own. Disruptions like this are why I support basic income – to get people through the rough patches.

My most interesting conversation was with a woman from the Bronx, a NYCHA resident who is absolutely sick of the neglect her complex is getting. I suggested an opinion which is not always popular: that the solution is not pouring more money down a broken system, but building an abundance of housing, so that rents go down and if your landlord is neglecting you, you give them the finger and move across the street. I was preaching to the choir. We had a good conversation.

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