Other Policies


I fully support a woman’s right to choose.


Healthcare is hard

Defense Spending and Foreign Wars

I favor large cuts to the defense budget and ending our involvement in most foreign conflicts including Afghanistan and Syria.

Trade and Tariffs

Trade is awesome! US firms and consumers should have the right to purchase the best the world has to offer at the best prices available.


Immigration is awesome! Immigrants make huge contributions to our economy, both as workers and entrepreneurs. We should welcome their ideas and their energy.

Farm Subsidies, Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Other Corporate Cronyism

I am a firm believer in markets, not cronyism. We should remove all corporate subsidies and cronyism and let firms compete based on the value they provide, not who they know.

Minimum Wage

While the effect of minimum wage on employment may have been overstated in the past, at some level it will have an effect. Basic income is a much better way to ensure a basic standard of living with none of the drawbacks of a minimum wage.

Occupation Licensing

Licensing requirements have gone way overboard. They prevent talented people from doing work they are abundantly qualified to do. We need to scale them back, and in many cases get rid of them completely.