Some might be forgiven for wondering how our district acquired its distinctive shape. Could it have been gerrymandering? jerrymandering? nadlermandering?

Regardless, I love this district, stretching from Columbia University, where I went to school, down thru the Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea and lower Manhattan, before tunneling into Brooklyn into the expanses of Borough Park and Bensonhurst. (really too bad Jerry couldn’t mander us the Brooklyn Bridge 😜).

Who couldn’t love the vibrant mix of old and new New York and New Yorkers, which is New York, with two Chinatowns, one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in the world, the many other great ethnicities we have, institutions of learning, Wall Street, Tribeca, Hudson Yards, Battery Park, Columbus Circle, Chelsea Piers, Zabar’s, Lincoln Center, AMNY, ………


And as a cyclist, I plan to bike its every nook and cranny of our district. I have some strong ideas about what I think our nation needs to do. But I hope to see you on some street corner and have an impromptu chat about what you think we need to do. Look for my lit wheel and shoes