New York Politicians to New York: Drop Dead

I’m not sure whether some New York politicians have noticed, but we’re in a huge economic crisis.  We need to do everything we can to help the economy recover.

That’s not what just happened with the Industry City rezoning, where a coterie of New York politicians — including my opponent Jerrold Nadler — egged on by a vocal minority in the community, have killed a project that would have created thousands of jobs.  Lest you think this is an outlier, consider the Amazon site.  Not the project, the site.  The Amazon project was problematic because of taxpayer handouts, but its successor, the Anable Basin project which would create 5000 housing units, is under similar threat.  Its the same story with rezonings in Gowanus, Soho/Noho, and Flushing. It’s gotten so bad that even building housing for low-income LGBTQ seniors on city land is almost impossible. 

New York is New York because it is dynamic, ever reinventing itself, continually incorporating new people, their energy and ideas.  Now any change is labelled evil development and our ability to transform in the face of financial crisis and huge technological change is under threat.  

If we take away New York’s dynamism, it is no longer New York.  Not only will it die, it’s dead already.  Don’t let that happen.


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