Decrim Now

As a parent, I want law and order for myself and more importantly for my children. But you cannot have law and order without law enforcement that understands the law, obeys the law, and applies the law justly. Currently, when law enforcement breaks the law, including robbery, brutality, and even murder, they hide behind a web of protections, such as qualified immunity. We need to remove these protections and hold law enforcement accountable to the same standards as for ordinary citizens. Only when we have competent, just law enforcement trusted by the community will we have law and order.

In addition to police reform, we must reconsider criminalization. We criminalize far too many victimless activities. We should legalize marijuana and psychedelics, which have been shown to have medical benefits treating PTSD and depression. We should decriminalize sex work and get rid of counterproductive laws like FOSTA-SESTA, which ostensibly target human trafficking. These laws do nothing to prevent human trafficking and make sex work more dangerous, not less. If we outlawed all industries where human trafficking occurs, we’d also have to outlaw construction, manufacturing, mining, and agriculture! How about we decriminalize sex work and use dedicate resources to fighting trafficking in all industries?

Policies I support include:

  • legalizing marijuana and psychedelics
  • decriminalizing sex work including repeal of FOSTA-SESTA
  • releasing and pardoning non-violent offenders imprisoned for minor crimes, including drug crimes and sex work
  • repealing Walking while Trans
  • releasing older inmates who are not a threat to the community
  • ending qualified immunity
  • ending the death penalty
  • legalizing jaywalking!


Other Policies