Antibody Positive

I got my Covid antibody test today. Funny how usually when you get tested for something disease-related you’re hoping for negative, but in our topsy-turvy covid world, we of course hoping for positive and the prospect of immunity.

I got my test at the Northwell GoHealth clinic on West 23rd Street based on this Gothamist article. I chose GoHealth because it is using the very accurate Abbot and Roche tests and insurance should cover. Chelsea was the closest to my apartment that is taking appointments.

When I arrived for my Saturday 9:34am appointment, I was the only patient there, and as far as I could tell they were staffed only by a receptionist, nurse and PA. I had already done the paperwork online, so after a short wait, I was taken to an exam room. There I was left for a few minutes but could hear the nurse and PA discussing procedures outside. Should I worry they don’t have their act together, I mused? But sounded like this was the first time these particular people were working together and the discussion sounded rational, so I didn’t worry too much.

The nurse was efficient and friendly. I did remark she didn’t have a device so was writing my medical history on a post-it. I asked her which part of town she lives in, because that’s what you do as a candidate. Queens – not my district unfortunately! I asked her if she subways in and she said yes. She wasn’t too happy about the delays, but at least it isn’t too crowded in the mornings. After drawing blood, she realized the band-aid she had was the kid-oriented kind with dolphins. I jokingly demanded a new one, but then had to convince her that I was in fact ECSTATIC about the dolphins and not to trouble herself getting a new one.

The PA came in next and seemed poised to give me the long script on testing. I told him he could abbreviate which he did happily. I asked to verify which test was used and he said he thinks Chelsea uses Abbott. He mentioned other offices he works in uses other ones. On the way out, I asked if it was hard traveling from office to office. He said not too bad — he had actually been unemployed for six weeks! Hard to imagine in a health crisis, but he had been working at a neurological institute and like many other things, non-Covid-related healthcare is in the dumps. He mentioned that this job allows him to help with the crisis and also secure his income.

It takes 2-3 days for the lab to do their work, so I should have results by the middle of the week. Hopefully it will accentuate the positive!

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