About Michael

I’m Michael Madrid and I’m running for congress to Simplify government. Even without pandemics, life is complicated. I’d like to make it less so. I’d like to make it easier to build housing so we all have abundant choices and rents go down. I’d like to make it easier to get a job without onerous licensing processes. I’d like to stop criminalizing victimless acts like minor drug use and sex work. I’d like to remove tariffs and other needless regulation, and stop doling out corporate welfare. I’d like fewer prisons, a smaller military and less complicated foreign interventions.

I’ve spent most of my career as a software architect, consultant and manager, most recently developing cloud-based machine learning systems.  I believe many software techniques, such as agile and separating concerns into manageable pieces, are long overdue in politics.

I have a life-long interest in economics and economic policy. I received a Masters from UCSD’s PhD program. I’m baffled by the fact that our politicians, who spend huge amounts of time deciding economic issues, seem to have little grasp of economics.  I’m going to change that.

I have two wonderful twins, Julius and Isabela, with my best-friend Karla. My wife Lily is from Tianjin, China. As one of our newest citizens, Lily is helping with MAMA — Make America More Awesome!

Hobbies include a deep love of history, soccer, biking (my primary means of transport), salsa, and, er, way too much karaoke (if that’s possible).


Parenting is hard!