About Michael

Michael Madrid is running for Congress to address the complete lack of understanding and urgency with which our incumbent politicians regard  issues such housing, mobility, and decriminalization. Instead of being forward-looking, our current politician give us lawsuits to prevent new housing (both market AND affordable), ever more highway bills, status quo fear and indifference.  This has to change.

Prior to dedicating himself to this run, Michael has had a long career as a software architect, consultant and manager, most recently developing a cloud-based machine learning systems.  He believes many of the techniques he learned making software, such as agile and separating concerns into manageable pieces, are long overdue in politics.  He has also worked in finance, and taught English (and started programming professionally) in Japan.

Michael has a life-long interest in economics and economic policy. He received a Masters from UCSD’s PhD program. He’s baffled by the fact that the politicians, who spend the majority of their professional duties deciding how to allocate our country’s resources, seem to have little grasp of economics.  He hopes to change that.

He also holds a MA in Math of Finance and a BA from Columbia with a concentration in philosophy.

Michael has two wonderful kids, Julius and Isabela (twins!) with his best-friend Karla, and a wonderful wife Lily, from Tianjin, China. As one on our newest citizens, Lily is helping MAEMA — Make America Even More Awesome!

Hobbies include a deep love of history, soccer, biking (his primary means of transport), salsa, and, er, way too much karaoke (if that’s possible).

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