A big dollop of government, or small

The divide between big and small government supporters is often portrayed as those on the left want more government and those on the right want less (or at least they used to claim this).

Is this true though?  Who wants more or less of the following?

  • Military
  • Foreign wars
  • Corporate handouts
  • Fossil fuel subsidies
  • Farm subsidies
  • Prisons and criminalization of victimless non-crimes
  • Licensing regulations

I would think most on the left would join traditional economic conservatives in wanting LESS government spending and involvement in those activities (as do I).  Which is why I urge those on the left to go after this spending FIRST, before clamoring for more taxation.  We may need more taxation, but if it means we just continue spending on things that are not only wasteful, but actually harmful, what’s the point?

I have a list of other government regulations which help no one but the special interests and politicians who feed off of them.  Whatever your political leanings, I think you’ll agree they don’t serve the people and need to go. I hope you’ll join me in my campaign to Simplify.

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