Michael Madrid

Legalize Housing

We have a housing crisis because we are not building the housing our communities need.  We are not building because building new housing, especially multifamily, is outlawed or restricted by zoning codes, “preservation”, endless project reviews and permitting, and frivolous multi-year lawsuits from recalcitrant Nimbys. 

Let’s get rid of the barriers and build, build, build.

Free our Streets

Car culture has made our streets polluted, congested and dangerous.  Traffic accidents kill 37,000 Americans each year. 

Good news is that, especially in dense cities like NYC, we have huge opportunities to transition to safer, cheaper, cleaner, and FASTER transport. Bus lanes, bike lanes, and newer mobility options like scooters give people cleaner often faster choices than cars. And taking some cars off the road makes travel faster for those who really need to drive.

Decrim Now

Our laws and law enforcement should protect us from actual danger, not prevent people from controlling their own bodies, or policing recreational drugs, or even jaywalking(!).

While sex work has some dangers, we countenance many dangerous occupations, from construction, to farming and transportation.  We should only take the very serious steps of enforcement and incarceration on acts which actually harm people. Otherwise, let’s let people live their lives.

Basic Income

We live in a disruptive world, as painfully brought home by coronavirus. But even in the best of times, technology and trade, which create immense wealth for society, upend traditional jobs and careers.

We need a safety net which cushions individuals from bad disruptions and allows us to take advantage of good disruptions.

And we need a safety net which does this efficiently and comprehensively, rather than the haphazard collection of bloated agencies and misdirected measure which don’t work well in the good times and are failing miserably now.

Basic income gives us this comprehensive safety net. It’s there in the good times letting people retool and get back in the game. And it’s there in crises, allowing people to survive.

Green the Market

Climate change is real and we need effective solutions to it fast. Unfortunately what’s on offer is either inaction, non-solutions like fracking bans, counterproductive steps like closing nuclear plants, or boondoggles like the Green New Deal, which aren’t really about the environment

There’s a simple solution: price pollution so people pollute less.  And remove all subsidies and preferences, and cut spending for large polluters such as energy companies, farmers, steel, and the military.

Software Engineer, Economist, Teacher, Dad

Pictured here teaching the youth of tomorrow to have appropriate respect for the unquestioned norms of yesteryear.

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