Michael Madrid

MAPFA: Make American Politics Fun Again!

Software developers like me keep tasks simple so we can make quick, steady progress.  I always wonder why congress doesn’t.  The two parties propose long, complicated bills they know the other side won’t pass.  Then they blame the other and nothing gets done.  Which is why millions of Americans are still waiting on extended pandemic benefits.

How about you break things up, pass what you agree on, then get back in there and discuss the rest?  As your congressman that’s what I’ll do. And I’ll Simplify the things that just make life difficult.

Life is complicated enough. Let’s Simplify

On the Issues

Legalize Housing

We have a housing crisis because we don’t build the housing we need.  We don’t build because building, especially multifamily, is outlawed or restricted by zoning codes, parking requirements, endless project reviews and permitting, and frivolous multi-year lawsuits . 

Let’s get rid of the barriers and build!

Free our Streets

In dense cities like NYC, we have huge opportunities to transition to safer, cheaper, cleaner, and FASTER transport. Bus lanes, bike lanes, and micro-mobility give people cleaner, often faster, choices than cars. And taking some cars off the road makes travel faster for those who need to drive.

Decrim Now

Our laws and law enforcement should protect us from actual danger, not victimless acts.

Let’s legalize low-risk drugs like marijuana and psychedelics, and decriminalize sex work. Let’s give amnesty to people who have committed non-violent victimless “crimes”.

Basic Income

Covid has illustrated how disruptive the world is. But even in normal times, technology and trade, while creating societal wealth, upend traditional jobs and careers.

We need a safety net which cushions people from bad disruptions and allows us to take advantage of good ones.

Basic income gives us this safety net. In good times it lets people retool and get back in the game. In crises, it helps people survive.

Green the Market

Climate change is real and we need effective solutions to it fast. Unfortunately what’s on offer is either inaction, non-solutions like fracking bans, counterproductive steps like closing nuclear plants, or boondoggles like the Green New Deal, which aren’t really about the environment

There’s a simple solution: price pollution so people pollute less.  And remove all subsidies and preferences, and cut spending for large polluters such as energy companies, farmers, steel, and the military.

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